Brand Management

Brand evaluation starts with exploration of customer experience, goes through the functional and emotional and establishes brand image attributes that influence customer choice. Looks at the relationship and defines brand personality.

EIDOS is a tool for measuring brand strength, brand differentiation and positioning, key image attributes.

Brand presence: Next to establishing brand’s presence in the mind and in the homes and hands of consumers you need to know what differentiates you from competitors.

Brand engagement: We measure the emotional and rational bond between your customers and the brand. We take into account the perceptions, attitudes, beliefs and behaviors of customers toward the brand.

Brand experience:

o   Impression – ‘I like what this brand has to offer me’

o   Interaction – ‘This brand does what it says’

o   Responsiveness – ‘This brand responds to my needs’

o   Resilience – ‘This brand cares about our future’

Entrenchment in consumers’ values: How consumers’ values interact with the product benefits (functional, social, affective, aesthetic, and hedonic) and at what level they connect.