Improve ad executions and measure advertising impact

When you have a new advertising campaign to run, the commercial is created to a certain extend or fully finished, there are at least several moments to consider:

What will be the impact of the commercial and the whole campaign on consumers, is it perceived the way you expect,

Is the execution of the original idea done well enough, how consumers react to the different scenes,

Do they get your message,

What should you expect as a result?

Pre-tests are done to minimize the risks of new advertising release, fine-tune execution for a maximum effect in the desired direction and get a realistic estimate of the outcome of your campaign.

Our tool AdPower is particularly powerful for TV commercial and video evaluation as it provides results on respondents’ spontaneous reaction for every second of the spot.

The pre-test is done before the start of the campaign. The participants, consumers for the desired target group, are invited to a central location setting and each one expresses their spontaneous reaction with a personal response meter. While they watch the commercial, participants vote in a moment-to-moment mode, later they answer questions, share their perceptions, associations, ideas in a qualitative setting. You can observe the results in a moving graph while respondents are voting. The video with moment-to-moment likeability is provided with the results.

Pre-testing is diagnostic and is used to understand and improve the impact of your ad: likeability, relevance and brand linkage, emotional engagement and shift in brand preference and purchase.

Once your campaign was executed, you need to understand its efficiency: How well the campaign is recalled or recognized? Was it liked? Does it create emotional engagement? Was your message understood? Does it have impact on your image, on buyers’ behavior? How your specific campaign objectives were achieved?

A Post-campaign evaluation is typically carried out with a quantitative survey with face-to-face interviews or online.