Online environment has changed the way surveys are perceived. Participants share their views in a dynamic and interactive way, perceive the time they spend as shorter and find the whole process more enjoyable.

We have created our own online community, with the main purpose to conduct quantitative and qualitative market research. However as the community encourages registered members to share what is important to them and to create their own polls, groups and discussions, we observe and follow the appearing trends and the important consumer issues.

For surveys we preselect participants, based on the demographic and lifestyle information they have shared in their profile in

Quantitative online research is faster than traditional offline methodologies, many new types of questions are now possible: participants can add pictures and videos, drag and drop answers, rank visuals etc. They can answer from any device, smartphones and tablets as well.

Online qualitative is very convenient to reach hard to get respondents and for projects, run in multiple cities. The different tasks and activities are conducted either asynchronously, with participants logging in when convenient for them or in discussions when all participants are online at the same time.

Build your own community

If you decide that it is time for you to create your own community and have constant and direct contact with your customers, we can do this for you: creating the platform, recruiting members and moderating activities.

Your community can be used for all kind of marketing and sales activities, for innovation and for building loyalty.