Positive thinking: a success strategy for consumers

Positive thinking: a success strategy for consumers

A large segment of consumers find positive thinking and the consequent positive interaction with the world as a necessary condition for a good life. And there is more – it is important for them to share their personal experience and be surrounded by people with the same positive attitude.

In the consumer community bganketa.com members create discussions on topics that are important and exciting for them. The theme on positive thinking is one of the most commented.

Some participants in the discussion say that the positive approach comes naturally to them, for others it requires a conscious effort of the will. For both groups though positive thinking is a way of life. It influences their work, communication and value system. All participants comment that positive thinking makes their lives easier and their relationships – more stable.

The effect on work

People with positive thinking believe it helps them achieve their goals because it gives them faith in their own abilities. As Diana, participant in bganketa, comments: Positive thinking is linked with confidence, with the conviction we are capable of solving our everyday problems in a better way.

The participants in the discussion point out that their attitude motivates them to seek opportunities and benefit from every activity. The positive way of thinking inspires them to take up new challenges. To quote Mariana, another bganketa participant: The positively thinking person has a good image of herself and of others; she is convinced that she will accomplish whatever she sets as a goal; trusts her own powers; values what she does and has no fear of the daily obstacles.

The effect on solving problems

Participants share that positive thinking is especially beneficial when facing problems. The dominant opinion is that their positive attitude makes it easier to accept the inevitable difficulties and overcome all kind of problems, a way to solve complicated issues and find alternatives.

Also, some comment that stress is their daily companion. They believe that staying positive is the cure for the negative effects of difficult and stressful situations.

The effect on communication

In communication the positive attitude is expressed in positive words, intonation, the way you address others. The smile is a must. As Kalin says in the discussion: It is a fact that people always focus on the bad things, even if they are many times less than the good ones. We just have to smile and laugh more, even if there is no obvious reason. The person who smiles is more effective in communication and his thoughts and actions are better accepted. The positive attitude is an energy you spread around yourself. When you are in a positive mind-frame, comments Eva, you emit a positive energy and this is even visible for the eye. And also part of this energy is transferred to the people around you.

A strategy for success

Always communicate with people who think positively, who care, who strive to be useful, to encourage, to inspire, to be compassionate! Veneta, participant in bganketa

The opinion that you have to surround yourself with positively minded people is quite common in the discussion. The people who have made such comments say that this is their personal strategy for success. In their view those who think positively strive to make good and to help others. Thus they influence their environment in a positive way. So, the participants in the discussion say that relating to people who share the value of positive thinking helps them grow and makes their life happier.

Who was saying that the haters dominates our culture? It only looks so in the internet forums.

Elina Victorova

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